1.5 IMO Underlayment SS1295

SynDeck™ 1.5 IMO Underlayment SS1295 is a very lightweight IMO marine epoxy underlayment. This 3 component, 100% solids product has zero VOC and very low odor. In addition, it trowel-applies for proper sloping to drains and scuppers. This is an excellent underlayment for use beneath tiles, vinyl and carpets. The IMO approved marine epoxy underlayment is used in conjunction with our SynDeck™ Bond Coat and SynDeck™ Sealers. 1.5 IMO Underlayment is a featured part of our full resin SynDeck™ Ultra Lightweight DECO with Flake system and SynDeck™ Anti-Slip systems.



Key Features and Benefits

  • Commercially priced
  • 100% solids
  • Can be used with tiles, vinyl and carpets
  • Zero VOC
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