SynDeck Thicken It SD5200 Epoxy Thickener - Marine Coating Anti-Sag Thickener

Thicken It SD5200

SynDeck™ Thicken It SD5200 is a marine coating anti-sag thickener. A much improved alternative to fumed silica, Thicken It is a synthetic urethane and epoxy blend. It is an excellent complement to epoxy and urethane systems when extra body is needed, such as in coving or edging applications. It is also mildew and UV resistant and withstands exposure to oxidizing agents. These properties, along with a higher specific gravity than fumed silica, make Thicken It extremely efficient. This excellent marine coating anti-sag thickener is the most preferred thickening agent for SynDeck™ coatings.

Key Features and Benefits

  • UV resistant
  • Mildew resistant
  • Improved alternative to fumed silica for thickening
  • Excellent complement to epoxy and urethane systems