Image of SynDeck IMO Epoxy SS5000 Clear Top Coat Parts A and B Cans - Marine IMO Epoxy High Gloss Sealer

SynDeck™ IMO Epoxy (SS5000 series) is a top-quality amine-cured epoxy coating. It is 100% solids, very low odor, user friendly, and has excellent abrasion resistance. This product cures to a resilient, high-gloss film and is available in an array of color options as well as clear. It can be applied over deck underlayments and properly prepared existing epoxy coatings. SynDeck™ IMO Epoxy SS5000 Series is self-leveling, has superior gloss, and can be applied at lower temperatures (50°F/10°C) with no blushing. Product is dry for foot traffic overnight.

  • Meets parts 2 and 5 of annex 1 of the IMO FTP Code 2010 for Floor Finishes
  • ABS Approved
  • Qualified to MIL-PRF-24613A(SH) and MIL-PRF-32584 as part of various systems
  • Meets NAG Defence Standard 07-247 as part of various SynDeck™ systems

Key Features and Benefits

  • High gloss with superior clarity
  • Excellent abrasion and chemical resistance
  • 100% solids and self-leveling
  • No blushing when applied at low temperatures
NAVSEA US Navy Certification

Type IV, Class 1 & 2, Grade A, Comp E (Deco System)
Type IV, Class 2, Grade A, Comp E (Terrazzo System)
Type V, Class 1 & 2, Grade A, Comp E (Terrazzo System)

MIL-PRF-24613A (SH)
Type I, Class 2, Grade A & B (Terrazzo System)
Type I, Class 2, Grade B (Deco System)
Type V, Class 2, Grade A & B (Terrazzo System)

Type III, Class 2, Grade A (Deco System)
Type I, II, & III, Class 2, Grade B (Deco System)
Type I & II, Class 2, Grade B (Terrazzo System)

IMO Certificates
ABS Approval
Transport Canada VFSR Compliance

Meets Requirement. Refer to ABS Product Type Approval Certificate.

Naval Authority Group (NAG)

UK DEF STAN 07-247
Cat. A1
(FlexDeck System)
(NuFlexDeck System)
Cat. A2
(NuFlexCoat System)

Color Chart