Image of SynDeck Underlayment Sealer SS1257 Parts A and B Cans - Marine IMO Underlayment Sealer

SynDeck™ Underlayment Sealer SS1257 is a fast cure, marine underlayment sealer. It is designed for use over underlayments and other surfaces where high porosity is a concern. This 2 component, IMO certified marine underlayment sealer is a high thixotropic index epoxy. It seals underlayments prior to application of SynDeck™ color coats or other deck coverings. SynDeck™ Underlayment Sealer is also UK Navy approved.

  • Meets parts 2 and 5 of annex 1 of the IMO FTP Code 2010 for Floor Finishes
  • Meets UK Def Stan 07-247 Annex B, Category A2 (IMO 1.5 1295 [Flexible Resin] system & IMO 1.5 1295 [Epoxy Resin] system)

Key Features and Benefits

  • 100% solids, 0g/L VOC
  • High viscosity & thixotropy
  • Trowel & squeegee applied