Ultra Lightweight Underlayment SS1290FC

SynDeck™ Ultra Lightweight Underlayment SS1290FC is an marine ultra lightweight underlayment that’s US Navy and IMO certified. This three component, aggregate-filled epoxy resin is designed to meet the lowest weight requirements. Ultra Lightweight Underlayment is low odor, 0 VOC and is fully waterproof when used in conjunction with other SynDeck™ coatings. It has excellent adhesion and is easily trowel-applied for proper sloping to drains and scuppers. This product can also be applied as a waterproof underlayment for other approved marine deck coverings such as tiles, vinyl, rubber and carpets. SS1290FC can be used as a part of SynDeck™’s Ultra Lightweight DECO with Flake system or Anti-Slip systems.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Ultra lightweight
  • Trowel applied
  • Can sloped to drains and scuppers
  • Can be used below tiles, vinyl and carpet as a waterproof underlayment
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