Image of SynDeck Water Base Polyurethane Matte SS2450F Parts A and B Cans - IMO Marine Polyurethane

Water Base Polyurethane Matte SS2450F

SynDeck™ Water Base Polyurethane Matte SS2450F is a durable, IMO marine interior polyurethane top coat. The two component coating imparts a strong, decorative, matte finish with excellent abrasion, chemical, hot tire and UV resistance. This quick cure, high solids top coat with low odor and low VOC properties is suitable for various marine applications. The decorative matte finish is very durable, providing a beautiful low sheen that doesn’t hinder the depth of color underneath. In addition, this IMO marine polyurethane top coat has good flow characteristics and applies milky, dries clear. It can be applied over SynDeck™ flooring systems such as the Lightweight Underlayment IMO Flake System, Super Light Terrazzo System or over other compatible coatings as a final top coat for interior rooms, passageways, wet spaces and hospital bays. SynDeck™ Slip Resistant Additive may also be added to assist in managing slip risks.

Key Features and Benefits

  • IMO approved for interior and exterior use
  • Excellent abrasion, chemical, UV resistance
  • Applies milky, dries clear with low sheen
  • Low odor, low VOC
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