SynDeck Slip Resistant Additive SD5220 SD5250 Slip Resistant Additive - Marine Slip Resistant Aggregate

SynDeck™ Slip Resistant Additive SD5220/SD5250 is a lightweight polymeric material designed to impart various levels of roughness to a topcoat sealer. Unlike traditional sand, glass beads, and aluminum oxide, this material stays in suspension in SynDeck™ coatings. SynDeck™ Slip Resistant Additive is available in a standard 50 mesh (SD5250) and a more aggressive 20 mesh size (SD5220). Typical usage of this product is 2-4 fluid ounces per 0.75 gallons of topcoat sealer. For best results, the thickness of the final clear topcoat should be no more than 6mils wet film thickness

Key Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight, polymeric material
  • Stays in suspension for very even appearance
  • Available in two sizes for various levels of roughness