Image of SynDeck IMO Epoxy SS5000 Colors Parts A and B Cans - Marine IMO Epoxy Deck Coating

SynDeck™ IMO Epoxy (SS5000 series) is a top-quality amine-cured epoxy coating. It is 100% solids, very low odor, user friendly, and has excellent abrasion resistance. This product cures to a resilient, high-gloss film and is available in an array of color options as well as clear. It can be applied over deck underlayments and properly prepared existing epoxy coatings. SynDeck™ IMO Epoxy SS5000 Series is self-leveling, has superior gloss, and can be applied at lower temperatures (50°F/10°C) with no blushing. Product is dry for foot traffic overnight.

  • Meets parts 2 and 5 of annex 1 of the IMO FTP Code 2010 for Floor Finishes
  • ABS Approved
  • Qualified to MIL-PRF-24613A(SH) and MIL-PRF-32584 as part of various systems
  • Meets NAG Defence Standard 07-247 as part of various SynDeck™ systems


Key Features and Benefits

  • Excellent abrasion and chemical resistance
  • 100% solids
  • Available in a large variety of high gloss colors
  • Self-leveling and no blushing when applied at low temperatures
NAVSEA US Navy Certification

Type IV, Class 1 & 2, Grade A, Comp E (Deco System)

MIL-PRF-24613A (SH)
Type I, Class 2, Grade B (Deco System)

Type III, Class 2, Grade A (Deco System)
Type I, II, & III, Class 2, Grade B (Deco System)

IMO Certificates
ABS Approval
Transport Canada VFSR Compliance

Meets Requirement. Refer to ABS Product Type Approval Certificate.

Naval Authority Group (NAG)

UK DEF STAN 07-247 Cat. B-Â

Color Chart
Tan SS5056
Galaxy Blue SS5061
Navy Blue SS5015
Red SS5013
Green SS5054
Dark Grey SS5002
Midnight Blue SS5018
Light Grey SS5009

Colors shown are approximate representations. Actual results will vary.

Additional Colors Available On Request - Subject to Minimum Order and Supply Terms