NuFlex Epoxy SS1286

SynDeck™ NuFlex Epoxy (SS1286 series) is a two component, 100% solids, high build self-leveling colored epoxy that meets IMO FTP Code 2010 parts 2 and 5 for floor coverings. It has excellent chemical and moisture resistance and is very low odor. This product is a resilient decking material and water barrier and is formulated to be applied directly to metal and other properly prepared substrates or other SynDeck™ leveling underlayment’s for military and commercial marine specification applications. It is a troweled product, with good flow and leveling properties. The product is not a final finish and will require a SynDeck™ sealer (SS5000 series, SS2450 WB Matte or SS3950 Polyaspartic), decorative flakes can also be applied into the wet NuFlex Epoxy.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Flexible Epoxy
  • 100% solids & low odor
  • Self leveling with vertical sag resistance
  • High-build capabilities
  • Added fire resistance benefits
Color Chart