Ultra Lightweight Terrazzo SS1290FCT

SynDeck™ Ultra Lightweight Terrazzo SS1290FCT is a marine ultra lightweight terrazzo underlayment that is both durable and decorative. The 3 component underlayment has a vibrant marble or granite-effect look, available in a variety of colors. SynDeck™’s terrazzo underlayment is designed to meet the lowest weight requirements and is fully waterproof. In addition, it has excellent adhesion, low odor and 0 VOC. SS1290FCT trowel-applies for proper sloping to drains and scuppers. SynDeck™ Ultra Lightweight Terrazzo is an integral part of of our SynDeck™ Super Light Terrazzo system.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Ultra lightweight
  • Decorative terrazzo resembling marble or granite
  • Faster application with reduced steps
  • Excellent adhesion
Color Chart
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