Image of SynDeck Waterproof Membrane SS2102 Parts A and B Cans

Waterproof Membrane SS2102

SynDeck® Waterproof Membrane SS2102 is a 100% solids, marine waterproof epoxy membrane coating applied to steel, composites and sealed wood surfaces. This polyurethane hybrid is used to waterproof marine flooring. It is typically specified as a resilient water barrier applied to SynDeck underlayments, steel, composites and sealed wood surfaces. This two-component product has excellent chemical and moisture resistance. It is a user-friendly product with good leveling properties and is 0 VOC. When applying over porous substrates, a sealer coat is recommended. Qualified to ANSI 118.10.

Key Features and Benefits

  • 100% solids, polyurethane hybrid
  • Excellent chemical and moisture resistance
  • Zero VOC
  • Resilient water barrier can be applied directly to steel, composites, sealed wood surfaces and SynDeck underlayments