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The SynDeck® line of marine products is developed and manufactured by EPMAR® Corporation, located in Whittier, CA. EPMAR, a leader in protective coatings technologies, is a Quaker Houghton Company. Since 1983, EPMAR has been producing low and zero VOC coatings for a wide range of applications in diverse industries, including: aerospace, electronics, construction and marine.

Our custom-formulated products consist of waterborne systems, epoxies, polyurethanes, polyureas, reactive stains and more – all designed to meet specific customer, industry and regulatory requirements. As a result, EPMAR has earned a reputation for creating high-performing and technically advanced products that also meet current environmental standards. All this, while being mindful of the importance of excellent customer service.

SynDeck began serving the marine vessel industry in 1987. The SynDeck line, specializing in marine underlayment and protective deck coatings, was developed specifically with the manufacture and repair of military, commercial and private vessels in mind.

SynDeck underlayment and waterproof membrane were approved for use by the United States Navy in 1989. Since then SynDeck products, many of them IMO certified, have been specified as the standard for many military vessels. SynDeck’s research and development staff continues to leverage its established marine underlayment system expertise to develop new products and solutions that meet the evolving needs of maritime industries.

SynDeck is a registered trademark of and is manufactured by EPMAR Corporation. For more information about our Corporate Responsibility initiatives, please visit www.epmar.com.