Flex IMO SS1285

SynDeck® Flex IMO SS1285 is a flexible marine IMO resin epoxy. This two-component resin is a hard-wearing decking material and water barrier. Lightweight and flexible, Flex IMO is applied as a resilient protective coat, where fairing and leveling is required. It’s an especially good choice for wet spaces. The one-step application process does not require a bond coat or waterproof membrane. Flex IMO is low odor, zero VOC and the 100% solids formula allows it to be trowel-applied directly over SynDeck underlayments, metal or other prepared marine substrates. This IMO approved resin can be left plain or have colored flakes added in the final SynDeck clear seal top coat for a decorative finish. SynDeck Flex IMO can also be used as part of a noise and vibration reduction system. Available in a variety of colors.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Self-leveling
  • Trowel applied
  • Most flexible, resilient colored epoxy
  • Can be applied directly to metal
Color Chart
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